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Ultra Tendency has been implementing Cloudera solutions in customer projects since 2011. As the only Cloudera Gold Partner in Central EMEA, Ultra Tendency maintains a close relationship with Cloudera. Since Ultra Tendency has unique capabilities, Cloudera leverages Ultra Tendency to complement its own professional services organization. Thus, Ultra Tendency delivers for Cloudera some of the most demanding projects in DACH, EMEA and worldwide. As the only Cloudera Gold Partner in the Central EMEA region, Ultra Tendency is an official subcontractor with Cloudera Inc. As a Cloudera Subcontractor, typically Ultra Tendency will implement streaming applications, data lake use cases, extensive batch processing, predictive analytics, and IoT use cases. Ultra Tendency works closely with Cloudera product development in the United States to meet the needs of common strategic customers like Europe’s largest telco. If customer requirements require extensions of the current Cloudera portfolio, Ultra Tendency regularly implements those before Cloudera makes them available itself (e.g. Parcel for Apache Nifi for CDH customers, Kubernetes, Spark on Kubernetes).


On account of our many cloud computing projects using Microsoft Azure, Ultra Tendency maintains Gold status as a Microsoft partner; we employ numerous Microsoft-certified experts in a wide variety of disciplines. Ultra Tendency’s close relationship with Microsoft goes back to our founding. Our work using Azure technology to analyze radiation data in Japan after the Fukushima meltdown was mentioned in keynotes by Microsoft VPs at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose (2015/016). Microsoft CEO Satye Nadella describes this use case in his book Hit Refresh – The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone. Ultra Tendency is developing the NoSQL database Apache HBase and other Apache open source projects together with Microsoft and others including Alibaba, Salesforce, Cloudera, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Together with the Microsoft Global Black Belt Team (GBB, Microsoft’s technological spearhead), Ultra Tendency has developed common reference architectures for Big Data, Streaming, and IoT. With the GBB team, Ultra Tendency realizes joint projects in the EMEA region. These holistic end-to-end big data and IoT architectures use both open source components and the Microsoft stack, and are implemented and operated by Ultra Tendency. Rüdiger Schickhaus (Global Black Belt Advanced Data) describes Ultra Tendency as “the unique bridge between Open Source and Azure”.

Amazon Web Services

Ultra Tendency maintains “Select” partner status and holds several AWS certifications. We are masters of AWS’s Big Data Analytics stack including ingestion, data processing, any business application, and Microservices. We leverage these technologies for projects at global corporations like Germany’s largest car manufacturer.


Jointly, T-Systems and Ultra Tendency won the bid to design, implement, and operate SPACE, the new statistics platform of the European Central Bank. Ultra Tendency is responsible for the architecture and the implementation of this new statistics platform. T-Systems is implementing the migration from the old platform to the new. Maintenance and operations of the new platform will be completed jointly. Moreover, Ultra Tendency designed, implemented, and operates T-Systems 3rd party data brokerage and Self-Service Analytics Platform, the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub.


In German-speaking areas, Ultra Tendency is by far the most well-certified Databricks partner, holding 13 Databricks certifications. Apache Spark is a core technology in the Open-Source ecosystem of data technologies. Since 2013, Ultra Tendency has worked with Apache Spark (Version 0.9) and integrated Kerberos for Spark on behalf of our customers before it was GA. As partners, Ultra Tendency and Databricks can react jointly and quickly to customer project developments.


Ultra Tendency currently holds 6 Confluent certifications and therefore the 2nd most certified Confluent partner in German-speaking areas. We have worked with Apache Kafka since 2013 and have implemented Spark Streaming for Kafka SSL on our customers’ behalf before it was GA in 2014. As partners, Ultra Tendency and Confluent can jointly react to customer project developments.

Apache Community

We regularly contribute source code to more than 14 Apache Projects, since we understand that enhancements to the source code are necessary to our customers’ requirements. Among our colleagues, several individuals have the Apache community status of “Contributor” and “Committer”. Due to their prior contributions to certain Apache projects, committers gain the privilege of changing the source code of their respective projects on their own initiative. Unmatched technological expertise from Ultra Tendency is guaranteed, on account of our Committers in the Apache projects HBase and Alluxio. Working with Ultra Tendency is the fastest way to fix bugs and get feature requests with Apache technologies. Among our executives is Jan Hentschel, Apache HBase Release Manager and the 11th highest ranked HBase Committer in the world.

Furthermore, Ultra Tendency employs Contributors to the following Apache projects: Kafka, Nifi, HBase, Ansible, Zeppelin, Ranger, Oozie, Yarn, Sentry, Avro, Zookeeper, Ozone, and Yetus. Ultra Tendency is heavily involved in the community. The execution of Meetups in Ultra Tendency’s offices, the regular participation at Spark Summits, as well as Keynotes at Strata Conference in London 2018 and Evolve 2020 underline our commitment to the community.