Data Mesh

    A new philosophy for agile and efficient data management
    With comprehensive support from Ultra Tendency, you can revolutionize your data management with Data Mesh, a cutting-edge socio-technical approach to decentralize, organize, and scale your data effectively, enabling faster and better business decisions.

    What is Data Mesh?

    Data Mesh is a socio-technical approach to data management that decentralizes data ownership, and treats it like a product, allowing individual business domains to create, manage, share, and consume data.

    It enhances collaboration, improves data quality, and reduces complexity for data producers and consumers. This leads to better decision-making, setting a new standard for how businesses leverage data to unlock its full potential. 

    Why Choose Ultra Tendency? 

    At Ultra Tendency, we lay a strong focus on your needs, and are aware of the increasing challenges regarding data management. Our Data Mesh experts have helped many organizations to harness the power of Data Mesh, forming and norming a new data strategy to fulfill their individual needs. 

    Example Solution Architecture from Ultra Tendency

    Example Solution Architecture Implemented by Ultra Tendency

    The principles behind Data Mesh

    data mesh

    Behind the concept of a “Data Mesh”, four key principles are in play: 

    • Domain Ownership;

    • Data as a Product;

    • Self-Serve Data Platform;

    • Federated Governance.

    Together, these act as the high-level philosophy for organizing data processing, analytics, and operations.

    A new way of thinking about data
    "The data mesh represents a fundamental shift in both our approach to and perception of data, transforming it from a mere commodity to a valuable product and a shared asset. Adopting a data mesh involves not only a technical, but also a cultural shift. I urge you to recognize and embrace the dual nature of this change as you contemplate the adoption of a data mesh."
    Testimonial By Zhamak Dehghani
    Zhamak Dehghani
    Author of "Data Mesh: A Modern Approach to Data Architecture"

    The benefits of a Data Mesh

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    Improved Data Quality
    Data Mesh fosters a culture of data ownership and accountability, leading to better data quality.
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    Data Mesh grants individual teams more control over their data, enhancing agility in data production and use.
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    Reduced Complexity
    Data Mesh simplifies the data management and consumption for the end-users (data producers and data analysts) by abstracting architectural complexity.
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    Improved Collaboration
    Data Mesh encourages cross-functional and cross-domain collaboration and communication within the organization.
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