Data Mesh

Behind the concept of a “Data Mesh”, four principles are in play: Domain Ownership, Data as a Product, Self-Serve Data Platform, and Federated Governance. Together these act as the high-level philosophy for organizing data processing, analytics, and operations.

Organizations seeking help in implementing a Data Mesh should reach out to Ultra Tendency. Ultra Tendency has years of experience and a proven track record of deploying Data Mesh at large and small organizations alike. Here you will find the best experts in the industry at your disposal who can recommend an appropriate Self-serve Data Platform. Ultra Tendency has an Enabling Team, as well as the resources to assist in staffing internal teams for working on Data Mesh creation.

Data Mesh Benefits

  • no loss of data context for all users

  • business users have direct access to data domains with minimal IT support

  • business remains agile

  • each domain team effectively manages data products

  • data products not limited by team size

  • removes bottlenecks and support needs

Nevertheless, implementing the principles of Data Mesh brings several challenges.

Ultra Tendency can help your teams with:

  • new training on how to access and manage their data

  • managing the creation of new data products

  • architecture to meet business, compliance, and productivity needs of organization

  • creation of interface to oversee large, decentralized processes

Contact Ultra Tendency to discover more details on how we can help your organization adopt a data mesh approach to your data!