Customized data training for companies and teams, based on practical experience


Ultra Tendency helps you and your company scale through practice-oriented trainings and coaching for state-of-the-art technologies (Big Data, Cloud, Container, IIoT)​



MLops course

Gain skills in managing and automating machine learning pipelines for large-scale production environments, ensuring reliability and scalability.


Kubernetes training

Acquire knowledge in container orchestration to automate deployment, as well as scaling, and management of containerized applications.


Docker basics

Learn containerization technology to package and deploy applications quickly and consistently across different environments.


Data engineering course

Develop expertise in building data pipelines and integrating systems to enable effective data analysis.


IoT training

Learn how to design and develop applications that connect and control IoT devices for efficient data collection and analysis.


Power BI training

Acquire knowledge in creating and deploying interactive and visually appealing business intelligence reports to extract insights.


Kafka principles

Learn how to build real-time streaming applications using Kafka, a distributed messaging system that enables reliable data transfer


Spark training

Gain expertise in processing large-scale data sets quickly and efficiently using distributed computing and Spark clusters.

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Why Ultra Tendency Academy?

A real world approach

Our unique approach uncovers the data challenges you face at work and breaks it all down into solutions you can act on from day one.


Tech education for the future

Our programs enable exponential growth in your teams' skills and give them the know-how for the challenges of the present and the future.


From the top executives in tech

Our experts have launched and scaled solutions for global car manufacturers, insurance firms and several banks including the European Central Bank.

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Hear from our satisfied course attendees

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Reinhard Burgmann, Head of Data Ecosystem, A1 Telekom Austria AG

UTA  coached my team along the development process of the migration plan of our on premises data lake to the public cloud. The outstanding level of expertise, both on a technical and organizational level, ensured a well-structured and realistic migration plan including timeline, milestones, and efforts. The enablement of my team was at the center of a very smooth collaboration. Through UTA, we achieved our goal faster and reduced risks of the migration project significantly. I highly recommend UTA’s services!”

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Bernard Benning, Vattenfall, BA Heat

I recently attended Vattenfall IT's online Kafka training day hosted by Ultra Tendency and it was an enriching experience. The trainer, Ahmed, did a fantastic job of explaining the theory behind Kafka, and the emphasis on practical application was great. The hands-on programming exercises were particularly helpful, and I've never experienced training with so many interactive examples! Overall, I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their Kafka knowledge interactively and gain valuable skills.