Ultra Tendency is Databricks Partner

    Driving Innovation in Data Lake Storage
    Ultra Tendency Partner | DataBricks

    Databricks specializes in data lake storage layers delivering reliability, security, and performance. Ultra Tendency can help implement both streaming and batch operations.

    All types of data (structured, semi-structured, or unstructured) can be housed in a data lake in an efficient and scalable data lake.

    Ultra Tendency holds 12 Databricks certifications currently, since we consider Apache Spark to be a core technology. Ultra Tendency has worked with Apache Spark since Version 0.9 and integrated Kerberos for Spark before it was generally available in 2013. As partners, Ultra Tendency an Databricks can quickly react to customer project requirements.

    If your company needs to build, deploy, or migrate to the Databricks Lakehouse program, Ultra Tendency can help.