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    LLMs Training
    This course benefits your team by enhancing language processing capabilities and optimizing model performance, enabling efficient information retrieval, and improving customer experiences with LLMs.
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    IT professionals and more

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    This course is designed for IT professionals who want to understand and leverage the power of Large Language Models for their applications and operations. The participants must have basic software engineering skills and be familiar with python or similar languages. The course itself will be conducted in Python.

    In-depth Coverage: LLMs (Large Language Models) Training Course

    Program Structure
    Introduction to Large Language Models
    Explore the fascinating world of Large Language Models (LLMs), understanding their capabilities, limitations, and potential applications in various domains.
    Program Structure
    Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering
    Learn the essential techniques and strategies for effectively crafting prompts to elicit desired responses from LLMs, enabling more precise and controlled language generation.
    Program Structure
    Intro into Vector Databases for LLMs
    Delve into the concept of vector databases specifically designed for LLMs, understanding their unique data structures and query mechanisms for efficient storage and retrieval of language-based information.
    Program Structure
    Integration of Vector Databases with LLMs
    Discover how to seamlessly integrate vector databases with LLMs, leveraging their complementary strengths to enhance performance, scalability, and versatility in language-based applications.
    Program Structure
    Agent Architectures and Dialogue Management
    Gain insights into different agent architectures and dialogue management approaches, exploring the intricacies of building conversational agents powered by LLMs.
    Program Structure
    Real-world Applications of LLM-based Agents
    Explore the wide range of practical applications where LLM-based agents excel, from virtual assistants and customer support chatbots to content generation and language understanding systems.
    Program Structure
    Hands-on Exercises and Projects to Apply Learned Concepts
    Put your knowledge into practice through hands-on exercises and projects, allowing you to apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the training and gain valuable practical experience.
    Program Structure
    Future topics shaped by your team's needs
    The journey doesn't stop here! Depending on your team's requirements, we're ready to introduce future topics or additional technology training, providing an adaptable learning experience you won't find elsewhere.
    Unlock the power of LLMs to enable your team to deliver meaningful impact today
    Program Goal

    What You Will Take Away

    Upon completion of this course, participants will have:
    Program Goal
    A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Large Language Models, including their architecture, training techniques, and state-of-the-art advancements.
    Program Goal
    Proficiency in prompt engineering techniques to optimize and frame effective prompts for specific language processing tasks.
    Program Goal
    Knowledge of vector databases and their integration with LLMs for efficient information retrieval and similarity-based operations.
    Program Goal
    Skills to design, develop, and deploy intelligent agents that can interact with LLMs for various applications, such as virtual assistants and chatbots.
    Program Goal
    Practical experience through hands-on exercises and projects that allow participants to apply the concepts learned to real-world scenarios.

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    UTA coached my team along the development process of the migration plan of our on premises data lake to the public cloud. The outstanding level of expertise, both on a technical and organizational level, ensured a well-structured and realistic migration plan including timeline, milestones, and efforts. The enablement of my team was at the center of a very smooth collaboration. Through UTA, we achieved our goal faster and reduced risks of the migration project significantly. I highly recommend UTA’s services!
    Testimonial By Reinhard Burgmann
    Reinhard Burgmann
    Head of Data Ecosystem, A1 Telekom Austria AG
    I recently attended Vattenfall IT's online Kafka training day hosted by Ultra Tendency and it was an enriching experience. The trainer, Ahmed, did a fantastic job of explaining the theory behind Kafka, and the emphasis on practical application was great. The hands-on programming exercises were particularly helpful, and I've never experienced training with so many interactive examples! Overall, I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their Kafka knowledge interactively and gain valuable skills.
    Testimonial By Bernard Benning
    Bernard Benning
    Vattenfall, BA Heat

    Meet the Trainers

    Chief Technology Officer & Principal Big Data Solutions Architect Lead, Ultra Tendency
    Matthias Baumann
    Chief Technology Officer & Principal Big Data Solutions Architect Lead, Ultra Tendency
    Senior Lead Big Data Developer & Berlin Territory Manager, Ultra Tendency
    Hudhaifa Ahmed
    Senior Lead Big Data Developer & Berlin Territory Manager, Ultra Tendency
    Marvin 6
    Marvin Taschenberger
    Professional Software Architect, Ultra Tendency
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