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    Docker Training
    Step into the world of containerization with Ultra Tendency’s Docker Training. Seamlessly transition from the basics to mastery, enhancing your team's application deployment capabilities for immediate and impactful results.
    Elevate Your Skills with Our Comprehensive Docker Course
    Who is This Docker Course For?

    Developers, Operations Teams, DevOps and more

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    Our interactive Docker Course caters to:

    • Developers looking to master containerized environments

    • Operations teams eager to streamline processes

    • DevOps champions focused on continuous delivery excellence

    • IT professionals seeking to augment their skillset with Docker fundamentals

    Your Docker Training Journey

    Program Structure
    Introduction to containerization and Docker
    Dive into the world of containerization, discovering the fundamentals and advantages of this technology while getting introduced to Docker, the leading containerization platform. 
    Program Structure
    Docker architecture, components and ecosystem 
    Explore the core components and architecture of Docker, gaining insights into the ecosystem and understanding how it all comes together to provide seamless container management. 
    Program Structure
    Creating and managing Docker images 
    Learn the techniques to create, manage, and optimize Docker images, ensuring efficient and streamlined deployment of containerized applications. 
    Program Structure
    Running and managing containers 
    Master the art of deploying and managing Docker containers, enhancing your ability to manage application environments and boost productivity. 
    Program Structure
    Docker networking and storage 
    Delve into Docker's networking and storage capabilities, understanding how to interconnect containers and manage persistent data. 
    Program Structure
    Docker Compose and orchestration
    Discover the power of Docker Compose for managing multi-container applications, along with an introduction to orchestration concepts and tools. 
    Program Structure
    Kubernetes and advanced container orchestration
    Get a sneak peek into Kubernetes, the de facto container orchestration platform, and explore concepts and techniques for managing containerized applications at scale.
    Program Structure
    Docker security and best practices
    Familiarize yourself with the critical security aspects of Docker and learn how to implement best practices to ensure the safety and reliability of your containerized applications.
    Program Structure
    Troubleshooting Docker containers and applications
    Acquire the skills needed to troubleshoot Docker containers and applications effectively, improving your ability to resolve issues and maintain system stability.
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    Program Goal

    Takeaways from Our Docker Course

    Post-training, you’ll be empowered to:
    Program Goal
    Understand the benefits of containerization and how Docker works
    Program Goal
    Use Docker to build, test, and deploy applications in a containerized environment 
    Program Goal
    Understand how to orchestrate containers with Docker Compose
    Program Goal
    Optimize container performance and troubleshoot common issues 
    Program Goal
    Implement best practices for Docker storage, security and networking

    Hear from our satisfied course attendees

    UTA coached my team along the development process of the migration plan of our on premises data lake to the public cloud. The outstanding level of expertise, both on a technical and organizational level, ensured a well-structured and realistic migration plan including timeline, milestones, and efforts. The enablement of my team was at the center of a very smooth collaboration. Through UTA, we achieved our goal faster and reduced risks of the migration project significantly. I highly recommend UTA’s services!
    Testimonial By Reinhard Burgmann
    Reinhard Burgmann
    Head of Data Ecosystem, A1 Telekom Austria AG
    I recently attended Vattenfall IT's online Kafka training day hosted by Ultra Tendency and it was an enriching experience. The trainer, Ahmed, did a fantastic job of explaining the theory behind Kafka, and the emphasis on practical application was great. The hands-on programming exercises were particularly helpful, and I've never experienced training with so many interactive examples! Overall, I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their Kafka knowledge interactively and gain valuable skills.
    Testimonial By Bernard Benning
    Bernard Benning
    Vattenfall, BA Heat

    Meet the Trainers

    Marvin 6
    Marvin Taschenberger
    Professional Software Architect, Ultra Tendency
    Senior Lead Big Data Developer & Berlin Territory Manager, Ultra Tendency
    Hudhaifa Ahmed
    Senior Lead Big Data Developer & Berlin Territory Manager, Ultra Tendency
    Chief Technology Officer & Principal Big Data Solutions Architect Lead, Ultra Tendency
    Matthias Baumann
    Chief Technology Officer & Principal Big Data Solutions Architect Lead, Ultra Tendency
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