Ultra Tendency is Microsoft Solutions Partner

    A Decade-Long Partnership of Technological Excellence
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    Ultra Tendency has a long-standing and close relationship with Microsoft

    We hold seven Microsoft partner statuses for Azure:

    • Data & AI Azure (Solution Partner)

    • Digital & App Innovation Azure (Solutions Partner)

    • Cloud Platform (Gold Certified)

    • Application Integration (Silver Certified)

    • Data Analytics (Silver Certified)

    • Application Development (Silver Certified)

    • Data Center (Silver Certified)

    Microsoft VPs praised Ultra Tendency in keynotes at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose (2015/2016) for analyzing radiation data in Japan after the Fukushima meltdown using Azure technology. Ultra Tendency CEO discusses the project here.

    Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, describes this use case in his book "Hit Refresh - How Microsoft Has Reinvented Itself and Changed the Future". Ultra Tendency is developing the NoSQL database Apache HBase and other Apache open-source projects together with Microsoft and others (e.g. Alibaba, Salesforce, Cloudera, Huawei, Xiaomi). Together with the “Microsoft Global Black Belt Team” (Microsoft's technological spearhead), Ultra Tendency developed common reference architectures for IIoT and Big Data. These holistic end-to-end big data and IIoT architectures use both open-source components and the Microsoft stack and are implemented as well as operated by Ultra Tendency.

    Najat Messaoud (Director Azure Germany) describes Ultra Tendency as "the unique bridge between open source and Azure". Ultra Tendency supports several Insurance, Automotive, Telco, and Manufacturing Corporations as well as customers like Deutsche Telekom and its Telekom Data Intelligence Hub on Azure.

    The Azure native technologies used by Ultra Tendency range from basic services (e.g. Azure Functions, ADLS, ACS / ACR, VMS, Managed Databases, Azure AD, Key Vault, VPC / Firewalls, Load Balancer) to all data engineering services (e.g. DataFactory, Data Catalog, Event Hub, Synapse, Azure Batch, Cosmos, Redis) to the complete Azure Analytics portfolio (e.g. Azure ML, HD Insights, DataBricks, Power BI). In addition, Ultra Tendency uses a variety of other open-source technologies on Azure.