Celebrating Two Decades of Open Source Contributions

    We believe in the unique innovative power of open-source projects, and this has been an essential part of Ultra Tendency’s DNA from the beginning. This long-standing commitment to open source makes Ultra Tendency unique in Central Europe. 

    Open source technology is at the core of Ultra Tendency’s history and business. Since 2001, our experts have made more than 6,000 source code contributions to more than 25 open-source software projects.

    Cumulative UT OSS-Contribution

    Ultra Tendency encourages employees to contribute to open-source projects. Nine of our colleagues have the status of Apache community contributor and/or committer.  For more than a decade, Ultra Tendency experts have been extending and improving these software projects when the General Availability version did not fully meet customer requirements. Ultra Tendency is also heavily involved in the Apache community, conducting meetups at company offices, regularly attending Spark Summits, and giving keynotes at major conferences. 

    On account of valued contributions, some of our teammates have been granted the privilege of independently modifying the source code of their respective projects. This guarantees unmated technological know-how as well as the fastest path to troubleshooting and the fulfillment of functional requirements.

    Ultra Tendency employs contributors/committers for the following open-source projects: Scala, Kafka, Nifi, Ansible, Terraform, Terrascan, HBase, Hive, Ozone , Knox, Ranger, Oozie, Yarn, Checkov, Zookeeper, Sentry, Ambari, Bahir, Avro, Zeppelin, Yetus.

    Apache HBase Commitment
    Jan Hentschel is Apache HBase Release Manager, PMC Member and ranks 12th as HBase committer globally. Worldwide, no other consulting form employs a more influential HBase committer.
    Testimonial By  Jan Hentschel
    Jan Hentschel
    CIO at Ultra Tendency

    Advantages of using Open-Source based solutions

    Program point
    Ability to modify and customize the software to meet specific needs.
    Program point
    Regular updates and a large community contribute to timely security patches
    Program point
    Continuous contributions from a global community lead to rapid innovation.
    Program point
    No Vendor Lock-in
    Clients aren't tied to a single provider's roadmap or pricing model.

    Ultra Tendency’s partners with several technology firms based around distributions of open-source projects. Among these are Cloudera, Confluent, Databricks, and Starburst. Check out our Partners page.