Together We Thrive!

    A Joint Venture in Data Innovation: Ultra Tendency and T-Systems at the Forefront
    Ultra Tendency Partner | T-Systems

    Germany-based T-Systems and Ultra Tendency jointly support public institutions and global corporations. They won a contract for the new statistic platform of the European Central Bank.

    Ultra Tendency is responsible for the overall architecture, implementation and testing of the new platform; T-Systems for the migration. Operations and maintenance will be done together.

    Moreover, Ultra Tendency designed, implemented, and now operates T-Systems' 3rd party data brokerage and self-service analytics platform Telekom Data Intelligence Hub. Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is built on Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.

    Ultra Tendency incorporated Azure Databricks, Microsoft Power BI, JupyterHub, Grafana, Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, H2O, Apache Zeppelin, IBM Watson Studio, Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, and UMATI into the platform.

    Ultra Tendency supports another German OEM with its on prem based central Big Data Analytics platform. Moreover, starting in Jan 2022 the partners will support the European Data infrastructure project “GAIA-X”.