Telekom Data Intelligence Hub

Telekom Data Intelligence Hub

Deutsche Telekom wanted to create a platform for trading data sets that would also integrate the tools to analyse those sets. So Ultra Tendency planned and implemented the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, a 3rd party data brokerage and self-service data analytics platform based on Microsoft Azure. Enterprises and other large institutions can upload, sell, or purchase data sets relevant to their missions. They can also spin up on-demand clusters to process data sets in several data science tools, such as Cloudera Data Science Workbench.

Ultra Tendency also incorporated Azure Databricks, Microsoft Power BI, JupyterHub, Grafana, Cloudera Data Science Workbench, RStudio, H2O, Apache Zeppelin, IBM Watson Studio, Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, and UMATI.

The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub is secure. Control of any data set remains with the original owner, unless the owner decides otherwise. Data transactions and analysis take place on the same platform, ensuring that security restrictions can be set to leave control of the data with the owner.

Microsoft highlights Ultra Tendency’s innovative work with Deutsche Telekom in this customer success story on the Data Intelligence Hub. Follow the link for the event details here.