Together We Thrive!

    Ultra Tendency has a long-standing and close relationship wtih Capgemini
    Ultra Tendency Partner | Capgemini

    Ultra Tendency is the Big Data specialist that Capgemini needs to be competitive for innovative IT projects.

    Capgemini, Ultra Tendency and three other consortium participants won a three digit million EUR tender with a term of at least a 5 years at a German Federal Agency in 2021. There is the possibility of doubling the total volume.

    Capgemini often works with Ultra Tendency on large tenders in the public sector, as Open Source Big Data technologies are key to their approach and Capgemini wants to complement its own delivery organization with Ultra Tendency's unique technological know-how in that area.

    For over fifty years, Capgemini has been an international technology consultancy, currently working with 85% of the top 200 firms on the Forbes list. Capgemini works under the motto "get the future you want" just as Ultra Tendency pioneers that future. As two forward looking consultancies with complementary strengths, together Capgemini and Ultra Tendency have a lot to offer the market.