HUK-COBURG Telematics

    HUK-COBURG and Ultra Tendency create a new insurance experience
    HUK-COBURG Telematics

    Big Data – Big Impact. How we teamed up with HUK-COBURG to deliver a high performance telematics product.

    The Challenge

    As Germany’s largest auto insurer, HUK-COBURG strives to always offer customers the best insurance experience possible and has pioneered many innovative insurance products. Since the introduction of the Telematics Discount in 2016, drivers can take control of their premiums and save up to 30% only by driving safely. Customers get the bonus when they drive defensively and at the speed limit, thereby avoiding dangerous situations or accidents. If HUK-Coburg saves, then customers save too.

    This is made possible by a little box installed in the car that records various parameters during the drive. Simple, straight-forward, and fair. More customers are opting for the Telematics Discount. With the upgrade to Telematics Plus, this program offers an even more convenient recording device, which one need only stick to the windshield, like a vignette or a park pass. With the corresponding app, the telematics discount will be more transparent.

    Customers will receive information about their driving behavior and current savings nearly in real time! The drives taking place all over Germany produce a considerable amount of data, that must be evaluated and processed into a useful form. This is a mammoth task, for which specialized know-how is necessary, as well as a plentitude of ideas. And so HUK-COBURG has, for five years, relied on the big data development and consulting expertise of Ultra Tendency.

    The Solution

    Ultra Tendency has been a strong partner to HUK-COBURG from the beginning. Starting with support for the architecture design, including content consulting, and extending to cooperative implementation of the solution, collaboration has taken place over a broad spectrum of operations, all of which were directed towards finding a solution capable of satisfying the growing interest in the Telematics Discount of HUK-COBURG.

    Since then, Ultra Tendency and HUK-COBURG have continued to strengthen Big Data applications and have created a future-proofed and flexible multi-cluster landscape.

    The landscape meets all the needs of this specialized task, through an active/active secondary location solution, that this extraordinary product requires.

    In order to make the existing Cloudera cluster landscape even more flexible, and to ensure the ability to grow in concord with rapid customer growth, the technical solution for the Telematics Plus Discount relies on a “Hybrid Cloud” implementation. Daily business is therefore directed over “Spark Streaming” applications to the existing Hadoop clusters. With spikes in traffic, the AWS Cloud absorbs the additional load through public cloud resources.

    "The 'Double Lambda' architecture of Ultra Tendency has now provided uninterrupted operations for the HUK-COBURG telematics platform for three years – that means zero downtime with thousands of daily users. That is Technology Made by Ultra Tendency."
    Testimonial By Dr. Robert Neumann
    Dr. Robert Neumann
    CEO Ultra Tendency

    The Result

    The team at HUK-Coburg dedicated to telematics cooperated closely with Ultra Tendency to develop a solution that meets the highest standards of scalability and accessibility with strict security standards.

    Customers of the Telematics Plus Discount are always able to see their drive data and results in real time and thus continually improve their driving habits. With the solution of Ultra Tendency, HUK-Coburg receives a future-proofed Big Data Platform, that will stand up to the challenges of the future and yet can still be operated economically.

    "Ultra Tendency is a strong and dependable partner. They stand apart from the competition by making themselves easily accessible, namely through the presence of an employee counterpart in our offices."

    "Their solution-oriented approach, extraordinarily innovative thinking, and personal investment in the project are a guarantee of success. The state-of-the-art technologies they employ complete the package to make working with Ultra Tendency a great decision for us. This solution demonstrates its value every day in business operations: since the implementation of the solution in 2016, there has not been a single interruption in service – a considerable achievement, in light of the complexity of the engineering and the multitudes of customers, who rely on the solution every day."

    "In combination with other state-of-the-art technologies, Big Data, like agile working methods or container technologies, make it possible for us to find new paths and to be equipped to lead the insurance sector into the future."
    Testimonial By Manuel Moritz
    Manuel Moritz
    Team Leader of DevOps at HUK-COBURG
    "The success in telematics achieved through big data technology has a signaling effect within HUK-COBURG: this type of data processing is already being implemented in many other use cases and the trend is only intensifying."
    Testimonial By Jörg Rehs
    Jörg Rehs
    Division Manager of Production Planning at HUK-COBURG