German Bank

    Hadoop-based projects
    German Bank

    Ultra Tendency has been supporting a German Bank with its Hadoop-based projects for more than five years.

    This project includes architectural design, platform development, as well as application development. Moreover, Ultra Tendency operates the Hadoop clusters of the bank. Ultra Tendency ensures smooth operations of the platform not only by supporting the bank reactively but as well as proactively.

    In that sense, Ultra Tendency maintains a forward-looking stance regarding future changes (e.g. security patches) as well as the identification of potential incidents and the resolution of them. This customer-oriented approach has been guaranteeing frictionless operations of the clients Hadoop clusters.

    Ultra Tendency is a member of the bank's own Center of Competence (CoC) Hadoop and plays a key role in shaping the formal guidelines for working on Hadoop projects as well as the operations of the clients Hadoop environments (platform concepts).