Europe's Largest Telco

    Next-Gen Data Analytics Platform
    Europe's Largest Telco

    Ultra Tendency designed, developed, implemented, and continues to extend the telco's next gen data analytics platform.

    Originally, Ultra Tendency was asked to implement a platform for sharing use cases for the telco, in order to develop use cases centrally and thus minimize costs and effort across the group.

    Ultra Tendency’s proactive and continuous data strategy consulting expanded that idea. Ultimately, it resulted in the comprehensive Next Gen Data Analytics platform of Europe’s largest Telco including all European national companies. This platform is used for the use cases delivering the greatest ROI for the entire group.

    Among other things, this platform is used to identify the location of new radio masts on the basis of geo-referenced data from end-customers. Further predictive analytics use cases such as the prediction of customers at risk of termination are also implemented on this platform.

    The platform includes data ingestion, data quality, data storage, data processing, data governance and security, data science, and IoT. It was originally developed on a private cloud (OpenStack/Kubernetes) and is currently being migrated to the public cloud.

    Ultra Tendency designed, developed, implemented, and extended the platform based on holistic requirement engineering leveraging interviews as well as BPMN and UML. Since well over 8 developers are supporting this project at the same time, Ultra Tendency relied on the metamodel SAFe (Scrum of Scrum) for implementation in addition to "Scrum".

    In addition, Ultra Tendency provided the Chief Operations Architect and operations team for the entire platform.

    The Chief Operations Architect has defined the Operations Service Organization and the Operations Service Process Landscape. He and the Ultra Tendency operations team were responsible for full-service operations (level 1-3) for 1.5 years, including the 6-month transition phase to the customers operations team for level 1-2. Ultra Tendency is still responsible for supporting the platform at level 3.