Europe’s largest OEM

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Europe’s largest OEM

Ultra Tendency is responsible for the migration of the central supply chain data warehouse from On Prem to AWS native technologies.

All data sources that are necessary for the coordination of the worldwide movement of goods between and within the plants are integrated. Ultra Tendency supports with holistic architecture design, migration from the on premises production supply chain DWH to AWS, integration of various data sources on AWS, data analysis on AWS and the operations of the platform on AWS-native technologies.

All brands of the OEM Group benefit from this platform:

  • Analysis of the material flows in a plant or between plants

  • Cross-process analysis of logistics data from procurement to the factory or component dispatch

  • Visualization of the complex logistics networks in the group with vehicle manufacturers and component manufacturers

  • Transport control/optimization (e.g. parts control overseas, location bundling, total transport bundling, transport variants, avoidance of shipping breaks, truck downtime)

  • Control of internal material flows, deviation analysis (e.g. sequence and actual material flow, actual container, actual transport)

  • Support of planning processes (e.g. vehicle relocation, cost estimation, forecast costs, new material supply processes)

  • Active inventory control (storage space, processing costs) based on inventory, external material flow and planned procurement

  • Support in the emergency organization of operational logistics