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Explore Apache Spark and harness its power for rapid large-scale data processing.


Apache Spark has become a popular technology for big data processing and analysis in many industries./academy/contact

Program Breakdown

Who is this for?

Our Spark course is designed for beginner and intermediate professionals who are already familiar with general programming and (big) data concepts and want to learn how to use Apache Spark to process and analyze large datasets. 

Program goal - What you will take away from the course

The goal of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Apache Spark and its ecosystem. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Understand the benefits of distributed computing and how Apache Spark works

Use Apache Spark to process and analyze large datasets in a scalable and fault-tolerant way

Understand the key concepts of Apache Spark, such as RDDs, DataFrames, and Spark SQL

Use Apache Spark to build data pipelines and perform ETL operations

Optimize Apache Spark performance and tune Spark applications 


Topics covered

Introduction to Apache Spark and distributed computing

Embark on your journey into Apache Spark, the powerful distributed computing platform, and gain an understanding of its role in processing and analyzing large-scale data sets. 

Apache Spark architecture and components

Delve into the architecture and core components of Apache Spark, providing a comprehensive understanding of how the platform enables efficient distributed data processing and analytics. 

Processing and analyzing data with Apache Spark RDDs

Master the art of using Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs) in Apache Spark, learning how to process and analyze data across distributed computing clusters effectively. 

Structured data processing with DataFrames and Spark SQL

Explore structured data processing with DataFrames and Spark SQL, harnessing the power of these features to simplify data manipulation and querying tasks in Spark. 

Building data pipelines and performing ETL operations with Apache Spark

Learn how to build robust data pipelines and perform Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations with Apache Spark, streamlining your data processing and analytics workflows. 

Optimizing Apache Spark

Become proficient in optimizing Spark performance and tuning applications, ensuring that your distributed computing tasks run efficiently and effectively. 

Meet the Creators


Matthias Baumann

Chief Technology Officer & Principal Big Data Solutions Architect Lead, Ultra Tendency


Marvin Taschenberger

Professional Software Architect, Ultra Tendency


Hudhaifa Ahmed

Senior Lead Big Data Developer & Berlin Territory Manager, Ultra Tendency

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