Kubernetes training

Discover Kubernetes and learn to automate deployment, scaling, and management of applications.


Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container orchestration and is widely used in production environments.

Program Breakdown

Who is this for?

Our Kubernetes course is designed for experienced professionals who are already familiar with Docker and containerization concepts and want to learn how to use Kubernetes to manage containerized applications in a production environment.

Program goal - What you will take away from the course

By the end, you will be able to:

- Understand the benefits of container orchestration and how Kubernetes works

- Use Kubernetes to deploy and manage containerized applications in a scalable and fault-tolerant way

- Understand the key concepts of Kubernetes, such as pods, deployments, services, and ingress

- Use Kubernetes to automate application deployment, scaling, and updates

- Monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters and applications

- Implement best practices for Kubernetes security, networking, and resource management


Topics covered

Introduction to Kubernetes and container orchestration 

Learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes and container orchestration to optimize the management and scaling of containerized applications.

Kubernetes architecture and components 

Gain an understanding of the Kubernetes architecture and its components used for managing container applications.

Creating and managing Kubernetes clusters 

Learn how to create and manage Kubernetes clusters to efficiently organize and deploy container applications.

Deploying and managing applications with Kubernetes 

Discover how to deploy and manage applications with Kubernetes, enabling seamless scaling and updating of containerized applications.

Kubernetes networking and storage 

Explore the various networking and storage options in Kubernetes to optimize application communication and data management.

Kubernetes service discovery and load balancing 

Master the concepts of service discovery and load balancing in Kubernetes to ensure high availability and performance of applications.

Kubernetes resource management and autoscaling 

Learn how to manage resources in Kubernetes and utilize autoscaling to dynamically adapt applications to requirements.

Kubernetes security best practices 

Understand the best security practices for Kubernetes to protect your applications and clusters from threats.

Monitoring and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters and applications 

Acquire knowledge on monitoring and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters and applications to ensure stability and performance of your applications.

Meet the Creators


Matthias Baumann

Chief Technology Officer & Principal Big Data Solutions Architect Lead, Ultra Tendency


Marvin Taschenberger

Professional Software Architect, Ultra Tendency


Hudhaifa Ahmed

Senior Lead Big Data Developer & Berlin Territory Manager, Ultra Tendency

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