Andreas Lübcke

Senior Big Data Architect Lead

Hello, my name is Andreas and I have been working as a Senior Big Data Architect Lead at Ultra Tendency since March 2020. I design solutions or improve existing solutions for our customers and support our developers in bringing them to life. Therefore I analyze requirements, research the best solution for our customer’s needs and the environment, discuss compromises with our customers and our developers and combine this information into a holistic concept, that has to be suitable and feasible. My first goal is to deepen my knowledge of AWS – especially data pipelines for end-to-end AI solutions and to get certified on AWS and thus support our AWS guild at Ultra Tendency.

After completing my teaching and PhD (Doctor of Engineering) research on database and information systems, I started my professional career as a database expert at regiocom SE. Over the past six years, I have held different positions in regiocom software departments. I managed both small and large scale projects, improved existing products and introduced new products in the highly regulated energy market. During this time, I had the chance to develop from a big data researcher to a big data architect for software development. Then I came in contact with Ultra Tendency.

I appreciate that Ultra Tendency is giving me the opportunity to combine my professional skills with my passion for information systems. I am excited about our journey together: the people, passion, and professional setting promise a great experience and innovative results.


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