Advanced European Data Analytics for the European Central Bank

We are happy to announce that we are architecting, implementing, and operating the new statistics platform (SPACE) for the European Central Bank (ECB), together with T-Systems and Cloudera. 

“European technology and expertise for a European institution: The European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt am Main has chosen Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary T-Systems to build and set up a new enterprise analytics platform. To implement its business strategy regarding data and data centricity and to achieve more technology integration, the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to move to a new analytics platform for its statistical function called SPACE (Statistical Production and Compilation Environment) which will be based on the existing DISC (Data Intelligence Service Center) platform. As part of a 5-year contract, T-Systems, its technology partner Cloudera and its implementation partner Ultra Tendency will build this new analytics platform…”

In this customer success story on the Data Intelligence Hub, Microsoft highlights Ultra Tendency’s innovative work with Deutsche Telekom. Read the article here.