Bridging the Gap – Connected through Language

At Ultra Tendency, we have colleagues from all over the globe. While we are united by speaking programming languages such as Java, Scala, PHP and C++, we still use English and German in our everyday communication. Some of our colleagues have travelled a long way to work for us in Germany, which has also instilled in them a wish to learn the German language. Thus, Ultra Tendency is proud to be offering German courses. Twice a week, we meet up to study and learn together in small groups. At first, we met in our office in Magdeburg, now online. From level A1 to B2, we have alternating courses to give any interested colleagues the chance to learn and improve. The goal is to become fluent in German and be able to communicate with our German-speaking customers.

The classes are provided by the local language school Akademie Maris and are partly financed by the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt through their initiative for further education and training.